torsdag 27 augusti 2009

At the gate to the darkness.


Did my best to do something good.
Sorry to say that no one else looked at it that way and instead choosed to do evrything they could to do the opposite. Why they destroyed the company i work / worked for and my computers cuz i tryed to do something good i prolly never going to understand. There can't be a reason big enough why i got all my work and my own personal things destroyed for helping singel parents with 1 kid get the social security they have a right to have cuz the law say so. Who could survive on only 5kw/h day elecricity when a dinner takes about 3kw/h day? That is what singel parents on social secrurity has to cuz the gov don't follow the laws. If the don't manage they have to manage with out. That isn't jst against the law itś not human to force anyone to do that. I am not giving up the cause i will fight for them a long as i have to. That i have to take a "break" is cuz they manage to to force me offline. With all gear at work and home destroyed about 20.000 eur. And all my work destroyed along with all my pics , letters , mail , bank account gone i soon going to be one of them i have tryed to help and that again. Think it would take on anone to know that 66 following my blog feed have done nothing but looked and seen evrything get destroyed .. or even they have been spamming and tryed to hide that fact. That for the reason i have tryed to help the poor ones. With such reason to destroy my and all singel parents lifes they ain't humans. I been trying to change this since 2006 and this is the sickest people and what they are doing is the sickest thing that i ever have been in contact with and i have seen alot.

Atleast i think that it ain't so many people that have lost there parents
when they where 7 years. Then taked had to make it on there own since they where 18years old. To be over driven by a prolly drunk driver that never stopped 1991. After that have to live with pain 24/7. As a saver i got a daughter 1992. unfortunlly she had to take away one kidney 1 months old and we spent moths at the hospital and lot of visits at emergency a year after that. Agt the end we had to seperate to survive me and my daughters mum especial with the same help i had then are nearly as bad as now.

But i managed until 5days after new year 02/03 when i found my brother dead.
That was something i wasn't reddy for and it took months to handle. Then 24/6 -03 i let a girl take the hotrod for a test run with me beside and she parked it in a tree in about 55mph. Took about 3 months to get out of the bed and try to save what was left of what i had before the crash. But i survived that one also. The reason that i discovered that Sweden dosn't follow their own laws. Are cuz trying to work when you aren't well ended up in a inflammation in all joints and they swollowed up -05. They swollowed so much that they had to poor out o.5dl in each knee so i could bend them. So their i was with no money and no work with a lot of pain i had to use social welfare and what can you do when you can't go out or even walk and discover that you also have to survive on 1 quarter of the elecricity a day a any other people. Ofc i couldn't and as the asses the are they cut my power of for 6 months. Try sit in a closet in the dark for one day. Them 6 month took 25kg away from 75kg to 50kg. But i survived that one also and as i never want anone else to live worse then any prisioner with out warm or cold food. I have tryed to get the Gov to follow the laws. As you surley know by nowe i haven't managed to do that et but who thinks i will give up?

At the gate to the darkness.

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Micke Håkansson sa...

Hej !

Här är en liten "pinsam" videosnutt, pinsam för dom som mörklägger saker och ting..

Micke Håkansson sa...

En länk till en video som visar fram korruptionen och cynismen i vårt samhälle.