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Without a Home

The consequence of a fairly simple miscalculation.
That social services had received the Social Services Act and has error statistics from Statistics Sweden. A statistics is somewhat of a family of 4 persons. But who gives a too high standard for families over 4 people while being too low for families over 4 people. To boil potatoes, for example taking 40 minutes whether you are alone to eat it or 10 people. Despite this, it has a single-parent a child is only entitled to half of a normal power consumption. That while a family of 4 persons may be quite förmycket. It takes not 10 persons family 10 times 40 minutes to boil potatoes, Not Nor does it take just 20 minutes for a single-parent families to boil potatoes. Yet it differs so much in the false statistics that are using social services as the norm. To the TV, refrigerator, or the lightbulb not consume much electricity different depending on whether a look at the TV or 10 is also easy to understand for most people.This means in practice that large families may be quite wrong förmycket. That while a single-parent families only use about half the electricity needed. To all families regardless of the number consumes about as much electricity in addition to the number of bed lamps used. Electricity consumption for the bedside lamp used an hour a night just a few watts per lamp and the month makes the difference rather insignificant. The largest electricity consumers in an apartment is the fireplace and to cook a dinner consume as much electricity regardless of how many people then eat dinner. Despite this, it is difference between 4personers family and a single-parent families 50%, while a family over 4 people can get 100% förmycket. After having suffered from this false statistics and we had to make do without electricity for 6 months as it stood clear that something was very wrong. After having contacted the Consumer Agency and they explained that they have a mandate from the government to develop a standard for power consumption. For under the Social Services Act as the power consumption assessed individually. They also stated that the inaccurate statistics contained in their brochure "Buzz on the money" The first error is statistical Sweden and that Sweden does not have upprag from the government to go against social and algae produce a standard of consumption. Secondly, the difference in electricity use more depending on how many hours, a family spends at home than the number of family members in a family.

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It is something that those who said the Social Services Act implicitly.
That the number of individuals in a flat affect electricity consumption, very little compared to how many hours people spend at home. Are two families at home as much as the difference is very small between families, regardless of the size of the Court. For refrigerators, cookers, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner TVs consume no not much different electricity depending on the size of the families. Of course, the time a family spends in home per month more crucial than the size of the same. A TV uses as much electricity on a viewing it as ten pc watching it. The big difference is how many hours each family are watching TV is not how many there are in the family. Make two families that dinner takes less time to cook how many eat the meal then do not affect the meter at all. Despite the order, a larger family consume 150% more than a single child, even if the larger family home is just one hour a week while the smaller family can be tied to the home around the clock. Now you would think that this misallocation the second is a violation of the Social Services Act and affecting the guarantee pensioners and single parents hardest. Would be a good hearted thing to do something about the same time as the faulty statistics now used as the standard represents a waste of tax where some can consume luxury while others may sit in darkness,Also would be economically addressing. Unfortunately, there seems to be so, but a few very strange people have chosen to pick on me instead to ensure that the weak and vulnerable in society who can not be heard or speak in their own cause in which they may sit in the dark. From At first it was just condescending comments in the blog entries. After a while, so gave them on my computer so much that I finally could not continue working, without work, you can not pay rent. To turn to social services again after what they did was not an option as all understand.

So the 26-01-10 I lost my daughter and our home.
After a few days out in the cold without money, I iaf come indoors. But no home is there and all our possessions will just be the magazine did in just under three months. Then we have nothing left. No is frightening is the 139 that follow the blog and know what it is like destroying my daughter and mythings. It may not be difficult to understand that every thing every time they are destroying something so it has meant I am not the most affected, but my daughter who did not receive some things no voyages nothing.How many might think it's okay to maintain this imbalance while it actually affecting a child is more than strange. That my attempt to help those who can not make themselves heard to get the right welfare is not affected by the fact that they destroy everything for us. But just let them suffer longer while JO-Notification, which is adopted will be treated can not be so hard to understand? What is it that became Better to destroy our stuff, my job and eventually make us homeless without money? For me just sick and totally gratuitous violence.

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