fredag 30 juli 2010

The time line of abuse

A short time line
To Wikileak realese

Back ground
Been a victim in 2traffic accidents -91 and -03.
There is so much more that have happend to us.
"To be filled"

In 2008
Discovered that the Sweden goverment
was breaking Swedish laws. Tryed to make them
aware of the problem with no success.
"To be filled"

4 juni 2008
Started blogging
"To be filled"

31 oktober 2008
blogpost xbmc. iptraffic / Voddler.
"To be filled"

15 september 2008
My electricity was cut off.
As i have been in 2 traffic accidents
and at the time had inflammations in all my joints.
So not being able to have warm or store cold food
almost made me starve to death.
"To be filled"

12 december 2008
The first time i discovered that all my inlinks
from all newspapers was removed
From both old and new posts a newspaper a time.
"To be filled"

20 december 2008
The Amarican blog / Movits
"To be filled"

8 januari 2009
After being mocked around in comments
for so long i made a blogpost.
Still getting all my links removed
from random posts.
"To be filled"

16 januari 2009
Did they start spreading and commented my post
calling me a nazi because i had putted up a song
with Depeche Mode.Never been a nazi or going to be.
"To be filled"

April 2009
After 6 months in darkness without
hot or cold food i had electricity.
"To be filled"

Mars 2009
Discovered that someone keept hacking
my PCs and installed bugging software.
Started to log make copys and take screenshots.
"To be filled"

13 April 2009
After i did a post about the hacked twitter account
They lied and said i was a terrorist
and banned all my posts again
"To be filled"

Maj 2009
I managed to get a job and hoped i should
get on my feets again.
Even if i lost alot of weight a
nd still suffering from my illnes.
"To be filled"

June 2009
Maybe because i worked and didn't make blogposts.
They started to trash my computers
and work as fast i got anything online.
"To be filled"

August 2009
As i got all my things and work destroyed
I couldn't keep my work.
They even invaded the computers at work
and trashed them also.
"To be filled"

February 2010
As i had no work i couldn't pay my rent
and lost my apartment So with no money i had to
spend some days out in the cold before i found a shelter.
"To be filled"

July 2010
As they still trash our things
as fast as we go online and we ain't going to get any help
We will try realese all on Wikileaks and try convince
the politicans now when it's ellection.
"To be filled"

I don't know why they do this to us.
Giving right social security is a good thing for all.
Giving away to much taxe money to wrong people
when those who needs them have to live in darkness.
Is no saving or a human act. The only thing i tryed to do
is helping others is that wrong? I have never been a
terrorist, hacker, drug dealer, crimminal or sex offender
or any of those lies they still trying to spread.
I growed up whitout parents and are used to work hard for my money.
Do this to a family father with a daughter got to be one
of the meanest thing i can think of. And why? for fun?
"To be filled"

July 2010
They still hack and trash our things.
The widgets on the blogg are manipulated to slow the page down
So the blog get low search index on google.As the robot.txt
file blocking all posts from being indexed on any search engine.
My home connections dns are also trashed. So we hardly can get a page opened. I am a shamed that someone can do this to a fammily totaly destroying it for no reason more than the sick joy doing it. And i hope Wikileaks will help us so it ends. As the newspapers do it's best to hide it.
"To be filled"

I hope their kids never meet anyone like them.

Sound around Wikileaks is sky high

Aftonbladet DN SVD SydSvenskan HD
For removing all links so they could destroy our lives

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